Breast Pump Collection Set

Our single patient collection set is suitable to work on several breast pumps for single or double pumps.  The reusable collection set with 29mm aperture is a cost effective consumable, compatible with all breast pumps on the market that have the anti-viral barrier in the collection set.

The BPA Free Collection Set can be re-sterilised using microwave, steam and cold water sterilisers allowing multiple uses. With a built in barrier system the collection set is safe to use on shared breast pumps with no risk of cross contamination.

Fitting all Sterifeed EBM bottles, the Collection Set has been trialled and tested in a number of UK Hospitals with excellent results.   Please contact for further information and samples.

Product Specification

  • Anti-viral barrier in collection set
  • Reusable
  • Box Quantity: 25
  • Product Code: 10092

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