disposable baby bottles

Disposable Baby Bottles

Sterifeed’s disposable baby bottles range are made from FDA food grade clarified polypropylene. 100% free of Bisphenol–A (BPA) Bispenol–S (BPS), DEHP, Phthalates, can be re-cycled, incinerated or landfilled without any harm to the environment.


  • Large range for all hospitals requirements, 50ml,(1oz) 100ml,(2oz) 130ml,(4oz) 250ml, (8oz)
  • Clearly marked calibrated accurate graduations every 5ml
  • Clear bottles with high quality print quality for ease of reading graduations
  • Bottles are rigid to prevent force feeding
  • Airtight and leak resistant to ensure maximum shelf life for breast milk when stored in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Available in packed in bulk or each bottle wrapped in its own tamper evident PE bag
  • Standard European neck to fit all breast pumps collection sets and teats
  • Suitable for freezing and pasteurising
  • Ready to use

Product codes

  • 14000 – 50ml Disposable Baby Bottle
  • 14100 – 50ml Disposable Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag
  • 14003 – 100ml Disposable Baby Bottle
  • 14103 – 100ml Disposable Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag
  • 14001 – 130ml Disposable Baby Bottle
  • 14101 – 130ml Disposable Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag
  • 14002 – 250ml Disposable Baby Bottle
  • 14102 – 250ml Disposable Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag

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