Double-Grip® Cord Clamp and Cord Clamp® Clipper

Since 1964, the Double-Grip Umbilical Cord Clamp has given over 100 million babies a healthy, safe start in life! The precision-engineered cord clamp is laser vision inspected to meet our quality criteria 100%. The specially designed Cord-Clamp Clipper safely cuts through the Cord-Clamp hinge for easy removal from baby.

Product Features

  • Safe, Disposable, easy to apply
  • Dual gripping surface prevents slipping during application
  • Maintains tight seal and applies constant pressure on any cord as it shrinks
  • Hinge guard confines cord between serrated jaws to eliminate movement
  • No rough edges to snag clothing or get caught on bed linen
  • Cord-Clamp Clipper’s cutting surface is concealed to eliminate risk of sharp or pointed object near baby
  • Product Code: Umbilical Cord Clamp Non Sterile – 9411
  • Product Code: Umbilical Cord Clamp Sterile – 9423
  • Product Code: Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper – 9441

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