Feeding Cups

This cost effective sterile single packed infant feeding cup incorporates graduations from 10ml to 60ml.  It has a rounded lip for comfort and is pliable allowing the parent or health professional to vary the rim shape.

Manufactured from Polypropylene and BPA free this baby cup is a conveniently packaged alternative to breastfeeding.

Cup-feeding is most appropriate for premature babies.


  • To reduce the need for nasogastric tubes, which some babies find distressing.
  • To provide an oral experience for the baby, encouraging the use of his or her tongue and lips.
  • To provide an alternative feeding method which doesn’t cause nipple confusion.
  • To enhance digestion of the milk by involving the baby’s saliva, which is not possible when milk is delivered by tube directly into the stomach.
  • To top up breastfeeds if there is reason to believe the baby has not fed effectively during his or her early attempts at breastfeeding; however, the breast should be given first.To allow more eye contact and interaction during feeding.
  • Product Code: 11100

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