Hydrogel Dressing

Hydrogel Dressing

Farmactive Idrogel is a layer of transparent sterile dressing composed of absorbent hydrocellular polymer hydrogel. The external layer is water and bacteria resistant, but it allows the transpiration of wound exudate. The high-water content helps create and maintain a damp environment which promotes the wound healing process, while the slightly refreshing and soothing effect provides the patient with relief.

The dressing does not stick to the wound, it allows gas and aqueous vapour to pass freely, protecting skin against the risk of maceration. Plus, the transparent structure marked with squares makes it possible to monitor the healing process of the wound and observe the formation of new granulated tissue, without having to remove the dressing.

Farmactive Idrogel absorbs the exudate of the wound without dissolving;  it offers atraumatic removal and does leave any residues.



For the treatment of skin lesions during advanced granulation or low exudative re-epithelisation or requiring autolytic debridement, such as:

  • Bedsores
  • abrasions and lacerations
  • post-operative wounds
  • surgical excisions
  • first and second-degree burns
  • partial or full thickness grafts
  • ulcers on lower limbs or due to bedsores
  • diabetic ulcers

Technical Data

  • high water content over 60%
  • high absorption capacity of 1600 g/m 2/24 h
  • high transpiration capacity provided by an MVTR of 1000n g /m 2/24h
  • fluid retention capacity of 2400 g/m 2/24 h
  • high tensile strength of 18 N to keep the dressing and the structure of the hydrogel intact and
  • reduce the risk of residues upon removal
  • non-stick and atraumatic removal
  • soft and flexible with rounded corners
  • refreshing and soothing effect
  • sterile single package
  • radiation sterility
  • wide peel opens for easy opening

Product Characteristics

The hydrogel dressing helps maintain an optimal damp, micro-environment to heal wounds. During the granulation phase, the damp environment helps the action of microphages that promote the formation of new capillaries from the wound bed. Through this process the area of missing tissue fills gradually and during the re-epithelialisation phase the epithelial cells move to the edges towards the centre of the wound, promoting healing.

The dressing applied to wounds with low exudate or that require autolytic debridement causes hydration of the tissue and management of the exudate thanks to its absorption and transpiration properties. The external layer is resistant to liquid and bacteria and isolates the micro-environment of the wound against external contamination. Apply the dressing to the skin with secondary, preferably transparent, dressing to help monitor the healing process of the wound. It can be left in place for up to 5 days depending on the conditions of the part requiring treatment.


This dressing must not be used for infected, hyper-exudative wounds and for third degree burns.


Product Codes

  • 10cm x 10cm – 1701501010
  • 15cm x 15cm – 1701501515
  • 20cm x 20cm – 1701502020

The Farmactive advanced wound care range is now available through the NHS supply chain here in the UK. We get great feedback on the quality and price of these products.

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