Non Adherent Contact Layer Dressings (Silicone)

Non Adherent Contact Layer Dressings (Silicone)

Silicon Wound Contact Non-Adherent Layer

Farmactive Non Aderent is a sterile, thin, porous, breathable dressing composed of a flexible polyester woven material coated on both sides with a soft silicone gel. The slightly adhesive silicone coating makes the dressing easy to apply, keeping it on the skin around the wound.

When it is in contact with the wound, Farmactive Non Aderente allows the exudate to pass through to a secondary dressing, preventing it from adhering to the wound. The special porous woven structure promotes vertical absorption of the exudate and minimises the risk of maceration of the perilesional skin.


Farmactive Non Aderente is a primary dressing used for the treatment of different types of wounds, from non-exudative to highly exudative, which need to avoid the adhesion of the underlying tissues. Typical applications include:

  • skin lesions
  • abrasions
  • surgical excisions
  • first and second-degree burns
  • blisters
  • lacerations
  • partial or full thickness grafts
  • ulcers on lower limbs or due to bedsores
  • diabetic ulcers
  • skin damage caused by radiotherapy or steroid-based treatments

Technical Data

  • silicone gel adhesive, atraumatic upon removal and non-adherent to the wound bed
  • adhesive strength 0.3 +- 0.1 N/25 mm
  • permeable to gases and exudate
  • flexible and conformable
  • the porous structure with rectangular weaving leaves the bottom of the wound visible
  • it does not leave residues
  • the dressing is protected by two easily removable polyethylene films
  • sterile single package
  • ethylene oxide sterilisation
  • wide peel-open for easy opening

Product Characteristics

The dressing is used as a primary contact layer on the wound.

The special porous, polyester woven structure coated on both sides with a layer of soft silicone allows the wound exudate to pass from the lesion to a secondary dressing, minimising the risks of adhesion and maceration of the perilesional skin.

It can be applied easily by removing the protective layer from one of the two sides and then applying the dressing to the lesion. After pressing lightly on the perilesional area, remove the protection from the outer side. The dressing is flexible and conformable, and can be cut to size. If necessary, it is also possible to overlap several dressings to cover larger wounds.

Thanks to its thin and soft structure and its high breathability and transparency for monitoring, the dressing can stay in place for 7 days even if the secondary dressing is replaced more frequently.


This dressing must not be used for infected wounds and for third degree burns with eschar.

Product Codes

  • 5cm x 7cm – 1701470575
  • 8cm x 10cm – 1701477510

The Farmactive advanced wound care range is now available through the NHS supply chain here in the UK. We get great feedback on the quality and price of these products.

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